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QUADRO can become whatever you can imagine. From indoor baby walker to outdoor jungle gym. It’s the only toy that grows with your child. It’s safe, durable and trusted worldwide. 100% Made in Germany since 1979.

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Quadro is the only toy that grows with your child. It’s safe, durable and trusted worldwide.

Plenty of Exercise for a Healthy Body

To stay physically and mentally healthy, our youngsters not only need lots of love and affection, a nutritious diet, and enough sleep – they also need age-appropriate exercise to develop their motor skills. Get your kids moving! Whether outdoors as a climbing castle with a slide or indoors as a play tower with a ball pit – QUADRO is a safe and sturdy product that can be integrated into any environment.

Perfect for Children of All Ages

Thanks to its unparalleled quality and endless possibilities, QUADRO possesses a very special feature – it can be used throughout childhood and never gets boring. This starts at around 6 months, when your little one begins to master his or her first crawling adventures, and continues until they are at least 8 years old and already in school.

This isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet, too. But QUADRO continues to impress beyond the age of 8 as well. How about a play cube that can be used as a chair and storage box, combined with a table made of QUADRO? Or with a shelf for the workshop? A wagon for a trip to the beach? The possibilities are virtually unlimited, and therein lies the advantage of our system.

Look for the age symbol

We specify a certain starting age for each model, but this is only intended as a general recommendation. In the case of our construction kits, on the other hand, we indicate all the age groups that can safely play with them, and divide them into green (extremely suitable), orange (not really suitable), and red (no longer suitable).

Safety for Your Child

One of QUADRO’s most important features results from the materials we use and the design of the plastic parts. Our individual parts don’t have any pointed corners or sharp edges, and the tubes are nice and round with a diameter of 5 cm, conveying safety and warmth. And if your child does happen to fall, our plates give way without splintering or breaking.

Easy to Assemble in Three Simple Steps

One of QUADRO’s most notable features is its PLUG-IN SYSTEM. Thanks to this ingenious and exceptionally easy-to-use connection system, you can safely and quickly build and design large-scale jungle gyms – with maximum user-friendliness.

Built to Last

Individual QUADRO parts have considerable wall thicknesses, and our tubes and connectors can easily withstand loads of over 100 kg – important for large jungle gyms that have to remain sturdy over many years of play.

We are extremely proud of our exceptionally strong product – even an elephant is no match for it! In fact, many of our jungle gyms and play towers from the 70s and 80s are still in use today – thanks to thoughtful German engineering.

QUADRO Grows with Your Child

A ball pit, paddling pool, double slide, climbing pyramid, soapbox, or sandbox – thanks to the numerous add-on elements and individual parts, everything is easy to build with QUADRO.

You decide how your QUADRO will grow based on your child’s abilities – because you know what they need and what they ultimately want best.

From Indoors to Outdoors and Back Again

Unlike other outdoor toys, you can always bring QUADRO back inside – without any unpleasant odors! Unlike wood, QUADRO doesn’t need to be painted or impregnated, yet it also won’t absorb any unpleasant liquids or odors that would make it impossible to use indoors.

You can wipe down your QUADRO with normal household cleaners and plenty of water – that way everything stays nice and clean. Then you can confidently place it on your bright white carpet in the living room – thanks to QUADRO’s high-density parts, the color is guaranteed not to rub off!

Sun, rain, wind, or snow,
are no match for your QUADRO.
Put it in the sea or in your pool,
sand and dirt are also cool!

By the way, you can put QUADRO in a POOL without any issues, regardless of whether it contains chlorine or salt water. This won’t damage the QUADRO parts, and even leftover food or children’s paints can’t penetrate the material.

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