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EAN: 4260187751140

The Classic Slide

The Modular Slide is a QUADRO classic. The red and yellow design screams fun! And it’s bound to leave good memories growing up.

It’s supported on a stable frame consisting of 54 parts including tubes, connectors and screws. The slide and parts are compatible with our entire product range.

Quadro Universal mit Modularrutsche

UNIVERSAL available separately

UNIVERSAL and POOL L available separately

Water Fun

Easily connect a standard garden hose to the Modular Slide to convert it into a water slide! In combination with Pool L you can create a backyard water park.


  • The straight Modular Slide is ideal for combining with a QUADRO climbing frame
  • The sliding distance is similar to our other slides
  • Includes a water hose connection
  • Compatible with the entire QUADRO range — whether recently purchased or an original kit from 1979
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors in winter and summer
  • Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 48 cm (65 x 35 x 19 in)

JUNIOR available separately

  • 1x Modular Slide Body (10015)
  • 1x Modular Slide Frame (10011)
  • 1x Slide Runout (10034)
  • 1x Modular Slide Screw Set (10013)
  • Construction Handbook
  • Safety Instructions / Tips

If you order the Modular Slide together with other products, the goods will be delivered to the courier service at the same time, but not everything will arrive with one delivery. This is due to their facilities handling oversized packages differently. There can be several days between deliveries.

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